Riding Glory

It had been while since i planned a riding getaway, finally with a long weekend in hand, i could manage a riding break. Bags packed, bike and spare parts checked, started the ride in wet and rain condition. After about an hour, it finally started to clear up. By then i was riding past rural villages and farmlands. It was quite a long ride of 300kms from Delhi to reach my destination Churu. However, the scenic beauty and being on the road was so much fun that soon enough i reached without thinking much of the tiredness of the journey.

Enfield and feet at rest

Enfield and feet at rest

A common sight - rural Rajasthan

A common sight – rural Rajasthan

Churu, a small city in Rajasthan is considered as the gateway to the Thar desert. It was once home to merchants who built and lived in beautiful havelis with wonderful fresco paintings and some fine chhatris. Sadly, most of them are now vacant and locked and in a very bad shape. Most of the owners are living in other parts of the country and it seems as if they are not interested in the condition of their havelis (or coming back to their hometown).


View from the Haveli rooftops


Some of the few remaining havelis that still stand tall


Portraits of family members on the main arch

A local family has taken up one such haveli and have wonderfully renovated it and run it as a hotel. Malji Ka Kamra is a great place to stay in Churu and relive the glory days of these havelis. The staff were friendly and professional, it was a great stay and a nice place to do nothing.


Renovated Haveli – Malji ka Kamra

Interiors of Malji ka Kamra

Interiors of Malji ka Kamra

All lighted

All lighted

While at Churu, i did visit many havelis and even though it was sad to see it falling apart, it was still a treat to see the frescoes and chhatris and appreciate local art and artisans. I also managed a ride to Ramgarh and its amazing to see the havelis and frescoes there as well. It’s almost like a deserted place and feels ghostly.

Chhatris at Ramgarh

Chhatris at Ramgarh

Churu's Jain Temple

Churu’s Jain Temple

Beautiful rural setting - Ramgarh

Beautiful rural setting – Ramgarh

It was after a good weekend of exploring a new region, i rode back in the heat and dust to what i call home Delhi.


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