Ranvas – A Fort Hotel

Off the regular circuit and 2 hours drive from Jodhpur gets you to this town of Nagaur. Here lies the 12th-century Ahhichatragarh Fort with frescoed halls, temples and Mughal gardens. And within the walls of this fort sits Ranvas a beautiful restored heritage hotel.


I was being driven from Osiyan (where I had spent the previous night) and couldn’t wait to reach Ranvas. On reaching Nagaur, I could just see the huge walls of the fort dominating the town. It felt weird being driven inside the fort gate in the late evening, as this time I was not entering to merely visit a fort but was actually staying there. The drive in took a while and we drove past stable like structures where there were camels, horses and cows as well.


It was still a sort of a maze entering inside the walls, finally was greeted by a hotel representative with a pleasant smile. He walked me inside and after a quick check-in formality was showed to my room.


After the drive I was quite exhausted and hence laid down on the bed before doing anything. I got lost in my thoughts and wondered of many things – how was this place before being restored to a hotel? What events good or bad would have taken place here?


Considering it is a restored hotel, the bathrooms are clean and functional. The rooms yes are definitely comfy. Soon I was out enjoying a beer in the lit up restaurant. It’s an amazing setting. A staff mentioned to me that this restaurant was once used as a barracks by an army battalion who had taken over the fort before being handed over back to Jodhpur royalty and then the restoration was carried on under the supervision of Mehrangarh Museum Trust. I must say they are doing a wonderful job.




Retired to my room after a hearty dinner and yeah surely did sleep like a king. It was just an absolute delight to experience staying at Ranvas.


Perhaps it’s not a place for everyone’s interest as there isn’t quite a lot to do outside the fort but it’s a nice break and an incredible experience to stay inside a fort, walk and explore the fort, laze around in the swimming pool or simply do nothing and relax.



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