Helmet Story

It’s a hot summer day, 38*C and if you have a question as to how to beat the heat? Well the answer is that you really can’t. So, its better to accept the heat, sweat it out and keep yourself hydrated; along the way have fun and enjoy what you love doing. 

For me, today was about riding. Sitting on the saddle and allowing the road to lead me. With no destination in mind, it’s fun riding…drifting with the wind.  You do realise that even though with so much of freedom, open road and the chance to accelerate to high speeds however subconsciously you are well aware so as to avoid any kind of danger and dont go full-throttle. For that matters you dont really do anything stupid and also ensure that your bike and gear meet the safety requirments. 

Similarly, life i suppose is freedom with vast openness. You could misuse it or allow being free and subconsciously not being stupid. Likewise, one has to check the safety aspect of the machine, for us humans perhaps it is the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental quotient. 

This is what 38deg and being inside the helmet does to you. Helmet Stories of a different kind. 


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