Sandakphu Trek (Singalila Landscape)

In the year 2000, I had undertaken this trek as a school boy on one of my winter breaks. It was my first trek which (along with my cousin) we ventured on our own. As amateur trekkers we totally screwed up on our packing list, we carried unnecessary items and had a massive backpack. Our backpacks had a change set of clothes for everyday, cigarettes, alcohol and god know what we were thinking but we did also carry our swimming trunks (hoping to take a dip in the streams). With no idea what to expect we trekked along, only to realise that we never changed our clothes everyday, with each day gaining on altitude our backpacks were incredibly heavy for us and for that matter it was snowing all the way, so our swimming trunk was the worst decision ever. And if we hadn’t learnt enough we were broke by the mid of the trek as we splurged on the beginning…we did not complete the entire trek then.

However that was our learning, we enjoyed it thoroughly! Our love for the mountains had only been planted. Years passed by and have since trekked in many parts of India and Nepal.

Come 2016 and towards the end of the year, I quit my job in the city and came back home. Well, I had to complete  the trek which I had not completed earlier and is also mentioned as “10 things you should do before you  die” – BBC
In December 2016, I packed my bags and set out on the road again, this time I was trekking alone.  Singalila trek has to be one of the most scenic trek on offer in the eastern hills. Sharing its border between Nepal and India, the ridge trek offers great walking, stunning mountain views of some of the highest peaks in the world (viz. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu & Kanchenjunga), rich in flora & fauna, and its also the natural habitat to the Red Pandas.
With proper packing and not carrying alcohol, cigarettes and the swimming trunk 🙂 I walked and completed the entire trek enjoying each and every moment. What was started in 2000 finally got completed in 2016.
The winter season offers great views of the mountains whereas the summer/spring season will delight you with rhododendrons in bloom.
Sharing below some of my pictures the Singalila landscape or popularly known as the Sandakphu Trek



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